Yubico Security Key 5 NFC FIDO U2F

Yubikey 5 NFC is a hardware-based authentication solution that provides superior phishing defense, eliminates account recovery, allows compliance and offers many options for strong authentication, this configurable security key provides strong authentication on NFC (Near Field Communications) and via USB A port. The new feature of the YubiKey 5 is FIDO2 support, which allows organizations … Read more Yubico Security Key 5 NFC FIDO U2F

What is the 2FA System?

The 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) system is a security process whereby the user verifies themselves using two separate authentication factors in order to better safeguard their credentials, as well as the resources that the user is able to access. Also known as dual factor authentication or two-step verification, this method offers a level of assurance that … Read more What is the 2FA System?