FIDO U2F authentification system

The FIDO U2F is an open authentication method which allows internet users to access any number of services online in a safe and secure way using a single security key.

What is the FIDO U2F System?

No client software or drivers are needed for this to work. Created Yubico together with Google, this method brings public key crypto to all the masses. Fido Alliance is an open-authentication industry consortium that hosts the technical specifications of the U2F system which has been successfully adopted by some of the world’s largest services like Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox,, GitHub, and even the UK government.

Fido U2F provides a strong defense against phishing

The use of the Yubikey means that only the real website can actually authenticate with the key since user login is tied to the origin. So, even if the user is fooled into thinking a fake site is real, the authentication check will fail on that site.

Advantages of the FIDO U2F system

Some of the advantages of using the FIDO U2F system include:
  • Strong security – The system protects against session hijacking, phishing, malware, and man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Easy to use – It works out of the box and has native support in Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, and other browsers. No code or drivers are needed to install it.
  • Multiple options – This method provides product choice and flexibility. It’s designed for existing computers and phones, various authentication modalities, and different communication methods.
  • Cost-efficient – Users have a choice between a vast range of affordable devices online such as the Google Titan.

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